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Serving: Buffalo, Niagara Frontier, Rochester, Syracuse, Finger Lakes, Western & Central NY, 1000 Islands

I Specialize in working with "out of town / out of state" and Canadian clients as well as local clients.

I welcome Insurance Claims Assignments: Adjusters and Underwriters, please call or E-mail assignments for prompt, professional service.

I conduct my survey services to ABYC Standards, CFR and USCG Regulations and SAMS standards.

I conduct my Valuations and Appraisal services to USPAP standards.

Pre-Purchase Survey:
A  Pre-Purchase Survey is performed for a client who is buying a boat. Typically a purchase offer is made pending the results of a survey. The Survey is conducted and a report is issued to the client. With the survey report in hand, the client can decide to proceed with the sale, walk away or 
renegotiate the final price. Often final negotiations will save the client far more than the price of the survey. Conversely a survey may save a client from buying a boat with more problems than anticipated.  Typically the cost of a survey represents just a couple percent or less of the price of the vessel. That is one or two cents on the dollar to be sure you know what condition the vessel is in. 

Condition & Value Survey:
A Condition & Value Survey (C & V) is conducted for a boat owner as the client. This type of a survey is often requested by an Insurance Company before they will insure a vessel. The C & V is also sometimes used when beginning a vessel refit a a "work punch list" or at the end of a refit to document the improved condition of the vessel. The C & V survey is also often used for legal matters such as forming or dissolving a vessel partnership or in a Divorce case as part of a Valuation Appraisal.

Insurance Damage Claim Surveys:
We welcome Insurance Damage Claims Assignments. Adjusters and Underwriters, please call or E-mail assignments for prompt professional service.

Insured Owners Claims:
When a vessel owner experiences an insurance loss, it is up to the insured (owner) to present the loss claim to the insurance company. The insurance company will hire a Damage Claims Surveyor to attend to your claim. You have the right to hire your own Surveyor to present your claim to the insurance company's Surveyor. You also have the right to challenge a claim settlement that you feel is unsatisfactory. Insurance claims can be complex. Hiring you own Damage Claims Surveyor can help ensure that you receive a just settlement.

Valuations and Appraisals:
Are you selling a boat and not sure of the current market value? Buying into or dissolving a vessel partnership? Getting Divorced? Settling an estate?
Do you have a unique vessel and need a value? I can provide you with an Appraisal for your vessel based on USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) federal standards. 

Oil Analysis Testing:
Oil Analysis testing is performed by taking an oil sample from an engine or transmission and sending it to a qualified lab to analyse it's chemical content. This analysis can give a good indication of the condition of the machinery based on dissolved metals in the oil sample. The machinery has to have been run to mis the oil before the sample is drawn. The lab sends a report to the surveyor who forwards the results to the client. 

Consulting Services:
Consulting Services are all other services rendered outside of Marine Surveys. These services are generally based on an hourly rate. Call for a quote.


Pre-Purchase Offer inspection: 
A client hires me to accompany them as they take a first look at a vessel for sale prior to making an offer. I'm there to answer any questions and have a quick with a practiced eye. Many  "out of town / out of state" clients use this service to avoid having to initially travel to the area to vie the boat.  I do a brief inspection with a practiced eye and take pictures which are sent to the client with a brief report to help the client gage further interest in the vessel. This service is often far less expensive than traveling to view a vessel they might not be interested in after viewing.

Remedial Inspection:
After a survey the clients insurance company may demand that several issues from the survey be remedied. The insurance company my also request that a qualified Marine Surveyor inspect and report on the quality and completion of the repairs. 

Damage Consultation:
If your boat has a specific problem and you need assistance in diagnosing the problem and forming a course of remedial action, I can help. Call to discuss the problem.

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