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A Marine Survey is a "snap shot"report of the condition of the boat on the date surveyed, as the vessel was presented by the owner and under the conditions mutually agreed upon in the Survey contract.  The Marine Surveyor is a neutral third party whose job is to inspect a vessel and issue a report in an unbiased manor. We are not involved in the sales stream of the vessel or negotiations. Our job is to report on Condition and Fair Market Value.  Fair Market value is arrived at using the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and utilizing specialized subscription valuation sites as well as current market comparables for a specific vessel. 

The vessel owner is responsible for preparing the boat for survey and ensuring that all associated items are onsite with the boat. The owner is also responsible for having the boat uncovered before the Surveyor arrives. Uncovering and recovering a boat is not part of a Surveyors duties. If the Survey is a Pre-purchase, it is the buyers / Clients responsibility to arrange with the seller for the above.

The Marine Survey is conducted to USCG and CFR (Federal) Regulations as well as ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Assoc.) Standards. 

After the Survey, a report is issued to the Client for their exclusive use, detailing the condition of the vessel and the deficiencies found with recommendations associated with those deficiencies, and a properly prepared Valuation of the vessel. Roberts Services Inc. reports are written to satisfy both insurance company requirements and lender requirements all in one report.  The Survey report is often used by a buyer to renegotiate the final purchase price of the vessel or if there are too many deficiencies for the Clients liking the Client may choose to walk away from the transaction and the money paid for the Survey will be money well spent.

Marine Surveyors are consultants and as such the Survey report is exclusively for the Client Person. 

Boats are inatimate objects and the Survey report is not for the boat in perpetuity. The Survey report is for the person who paid for it.


A Marine Survey is not a Warranty or Guarantee  of either the condition of the vessel or the future of its associated components. 

We do not certify or guarantee repairs, either existing or future. The responsibility for the integrity of repairs rests solely with the repair facility involved and Roberts Services Inc. will not take on that liability. If a repair is discovered during the Survey inspection, it will be noted in the report however no determination can be made as to its integrity other than cosmetics.

Every component in a used boat is in some state of degradation in its life cycle. The Marine Survey does not predict when these components will fail. The Survey only reports on the condition of the components on the date of survey if they can be tested.

A Marine Survey Report  is a static document and not a dynamic document that gets changed whenever a deficiency is corrected. That would be a maintenance log kept by the owner, which is highly recommended and could incorporate the Survey report as a basis to begin the Maintenance log. 


A Marine Survey is conducted as an "Observe and Report" exercise. No fastened panels will be removed. No fasteners are tested for tightness. The boat will not be disassembled and reassembled during survey. The process is conducted as non-destructive testing only.

Unfastened compartment panels will be removed and the spaces and components will be visually inspected for condition. Any components that can be energized will be tested for power up. 

Structural components will be visually inspected. Hull, decks, transom and stringers will be tested for moisture incursion and delamination. 

The Survey inspection includes the following:

Hull, Decks and Super Structure
Propulsion System external condition.  (Marine Surveyors are NOT Engine Mechanics and an engine and drive train inspection by a qualified Marine Mechanic will be recommended).
Fuel Systems
Steering Systems
Electrical systems (Both AC and DC)
Potable Water, Gray water and Sanitation systems
Auxiliary systems such as Air Conditioning, Heat, Water maker, Trim Tabs, Stabilizers, Thrusters
Mast & Rigging on a sail boat. (On boats with a standing rig, the rig will only be inspected from eye level down. I do not ascend a standing mast) 

Electronics and Navigation equipment is check for power up only. (Calibration is not tested) 
Condition of the interior (Cushions, curtains, Interior Cabinetry)
Galley systems 
Safety Equipment
Exterior Canvass (Dodgers, Bimini, etc)
Trailer or Cradle is inspected for general condition for value only. Trailers should be fully inpected for road worthiness by a qualified tailer service facility.


Contact me by either e-mail or phone to discuss your needs and obtain a quote. I will e-mail you a sample survey report and  contract to to review. Should you wish to move forward, print out, sign, scan and return  the contract by e-mail . Once I have a signed contract in hand you become my Client and we can work to mutually schedule the Survey. As with any business, nothing but a free quote happens without a signed contract. Scheduling is on a first come first served basis based on receipt of a signed contract. No dates will be "penciled in" prior to receipt of the signed contract.

PAYMENT will be due on or by the date of survey and the report will not be released without prior payment. We accept credit cards either by phone or in person. If paying in person, cash or US checks are accepted. Out of country Clients must  pay by Credit Card which will take care of all exchange rates. Clients not attending the Survey must pay by Credit Card as well.